Thursday, September 24, 2020
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opioid overdose

New smartphone app could detect opioid overdose

In a recent study published in Science Translational Medicine, scientists from the United States have developed a new smartphone app that could detect opioid...
musculoskeletal pain

Physical therapy may prevent long-term opioid use with musculoskeletal pain

A recent study looked into the relationship between early physical therapy and opioid usage in patients with musculoskeletal pain.   Coined as an epidemic, opioid misuse...
non-opioid painkillers

How effective are non-opioid painkillers in palliative care?

Many adults in palliative care are prescribed opioids to deal with extreme pain. A recent study investigated the efficacy in treating pain with non-opioid...
prescription opioids

Do we really need prescription opioids after surgery?

To help address the opioid crisis, surgeons in Canada decreased prescription opioids following surgery and monitored patients’ resulting levels of comfort. The opioid crisis is...
prescription opioids

Reducing size of opioid prescriptions may help fight the opioid crisis

A study in Michigan looked at the size of prescription opioids given by doctors and how it relates to the number of pills actually...
opioid use

Stress and self-esteem can affect opioid use, study finds

A recent study examined the connection between life stressors, an individual’s self-esteem, and the likelihood of developing a dependency on opioid use. The use of...
ketamine for pain

Can ketamine for pain replace opioids in emergency care?

Opioids are a mainstay in the management of acute pain, but due to their side effects, physicians are under increased pressure to be more...
ketamine infusion for depression

Ketamine infusion for depression requires opioid receptors to be effective

A group of researchers conducted a study on whether opioid receptors play a significant role in the antidepressant action of ketamine infusion for depression. Depression...

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