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antipsychotic drugs

Do antipsychotic drugs or behavioural therapy benefit patients with psychosis?

Researchers sought to determine whether antipsychotic drugs, cognitive behavioural therapy, or a combination of both could help treat early psychosis. People with psychosis may meet...
migraine therapy

Recent advances and setbacks in pediatric migraine therapy research

Due to ethical and logistical challenges associated with pediatric research, guidelines for migraine therapies in children have largely been derived from adult studies. A...
cognitive behavioral therapy

Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Reduce Pain?

Researchers studied the efficacy of simplified cognitive behavioral therapy and pain education on pain relief in highly disadvantaged populations. Pain is an important topic in...
preterm birth

Preterm Birth: Have Medical Advances Improved Cognitive Outcomes?

A recent study evaluated whether there have been improvements in the cognitive outcomes for pre-term birth infants over time. The preterm birth of a child...

In the Pipeline: Combined Behavioural and Drug Therapy for Fibromyalgia

A current clinical trial sponsored by the University of Washington is recruiting eligible patients with fibromyalgia to determine whether a combination drug and behavioural...
mindfulness-based group therapy

The Meditation Therapy Rumour

Rumour: Mindfulness group therapy, such as meditation, can treat psychiatric disorders. Truth: This is true. The most commonly used psychiatric intervention is currently cognitive...
mindfulness-based group therapy

Mindfulness-Based Group Therapy as a Treatment for Psychiatric Disorders

A Swedish study used a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the use of mindfulness-based group therapy (MGT) as a treatment for psychiatric disorders. The...
inflammatory bowel disease

IBD Patients May Receive Short-Term Benefits from Psychological Therapy

Analysis of existing data suggests that psychological therapy may offer patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease short-term relief from depression, and improvements in quality...

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