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alternative treatment for headache

Alternative treatment for migraine headache

Herbal supplements may serve as potential alternative treatments for migraine headaches. Headaches can be classified into primary or secondary...
visual stimuli in migraine

Are migraine sufferers’ brains hyper-excitable?

Researchers investigated brain response patterns to visual stimuli in migraine sufferers. Migraine sufferers experience intermittent severe headaches, usually worse on one side of the head...
effects of nitroglycerin

Cardiovascular effects of nitroglycerin sheds light on migraine

A recent study found that migraine patients have a different response to nitroglycerin compared to non-migraine patients. A migraine is a disorder characterized by recurrent...
ubrogepant for migraine

Ubrogepant – a promising new treatment for migraine

A recent clinical trial has investigated the safety and effectiveness of Ubrogepant for migraine, with promising results. Migraine is a disorder characterized by frequent headaches...


More than a headache A migraine is more than a simple headache. Migraines are a complex neurological disorder that affects numerous regions of the brain....
migraines during pregnancy

Do migraines during pregnancy affect the health of mother and child?

Researchers investigate whether migraines during pregnancy are associated with health concerns in mother and child. Migraines are more than a simple headache. Although migraines appear...
dry eye disease

Are people with migraines destined to suffer from dry eye disease?

A large U.S. study investigates whether patients who have migraine headaches are more likely to be afflicted with dry eye disease. Dry eye disease is...
Botox injections for migraines

How effective are Botox injections for migraines?

A French study investigated the efficacy of using botulinum toxin in reducing the occurrence of chronic migraines by comparing studies. Migraines are debilitating one-sided headaches...

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