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The rise of vaping among teens and how to combat it



Is that the first time you have heard the term?

Well, do not worry because the concept is a little confusing, especially because it is dominating the teen world right now.

It is like the new smoking!

Smoking left and left its younger, more GenZ sibling with us.


Needless to point out, it is creating quite some surge in the teen world.

Yes, vaping addiction is real, and here is all that you need to know about it.

Teen vaping is now reaching a very dangerous climax, with more than 40% of 12th graders being reported for vaping devices used in the past year, and more than 20% of teens have been reported to vaping for just the last month. 

This definitely doesn’t look good when it comes to changing the current anti-addiction situation, and all we can do is spread awareness for the parents to help their children.

E-cigarette devices have grown in popularity over the past decade. Initially seen as a useful tool to help smokers quit, the dangers of vaping have become more apparent as research reveals its effects.

Now, what exactly is vaping, and how does it work?

In the excerpt below, you will find all the answers!

What Is Vaping?

Vaping involves inhaling small aerosolized particles that are produced when a battery-powered heating device heats the glycerin-based fluid that contains nicotine and even illicit drugs like marijuana along with some fragrances.

Smoking is different from vaping because smoking has a burning reaction that burns through the filter.

However, it does not have vaporization!

Many mistakenly think that the chemical processes in vaping are safer than smoking. However, Ascendant NY tries its best to debunk this idea and try to spread awareness about the addiction.

Although it is partly true in some cases, there is no doubt that vaping can be addictive and lethal!

Vaping can now have new and modern devices in the form of.

– Tank Systems.

– Vapes

– Mods

– E-cigarettes

– E- Hookahs etc.

What Are The Dangers Of Vaping

We have talked to experts from recovery centers, and this is what we have gathered about the danger of smoking.

Thus, we have compiled them together to give you a better idea.

1. It Is A Danger For Your Heart

Nicotine, the main ingredient in e-cigarettes, is highly addictive. 

If you ignore the early signs of the addition of vaping, it can lead to crazy cravings and withdrawal symptoms. 

Needless to say, Nicotine is a toxic substance! 

It exponentially increases your blood pressure and excessively stimulates your adrenaline level.

This can increase your chances of cardiovascular diseases and even the chance of a heart attack.

2. Nicotine Addiction

When we talk about e-cigarettes and the conventional ones, certain experiments have shown it could be as addictive as drugs like cocaine or heroin. 

Did you know that vaping isn’t exactly safer than normal cigarettes!

Since many e-cigarette users get even more nicotine than your regular combustible tobacco products

Users can purchase higher-strength cartridges with higher nicotine concentrations or increase the voltage of the e-cigarette to get higher nicotine concentrations—greater exposure to the substance.

3. Marijuana Addiction

E-cigarettes or vaping pens have significant implications for marijuana use between adolescents and other young adults. 

In addition, teens with marijuana addiction are more likely to use alcohol and other illicit drugs along with these vaping pens to utilize the full effect.

4. Risk Of Cancer

Many manufacturers of e-cigarette pens and e-cigarettes describe their products as safer than traditional cigarettes because there is no combustion of tobacco, which is closely linked to the development of lung cancer.

However, we have already established how dangerous the vapor from these E-cigarettes could be extremely dangerous for your lungs.

Plus, they are not exactly nicotine free!

5. Damage On Brain Receptors

Before you start with vaping because somewhere you have read that it is ‘safer’ than being a chain smoker., you should know the relationship between nicotine and the brain. 

The neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh) is heavily affected by the nicotine stimulus. 

The more you use nicotine, the more your brain thinks it contains too much acetylcholine and reduces acetylcholine production. ACh is essential for the functioning of muscle movement to memory formation.

How To Help Your Teens & Prevent Vaping

Now, finding your teen addicted to something like vaping could be concerning. The first thing you have to do is to understand whether any other drug is associated with that addiction.

Plus, this is how you are going to help your teen.

Try To Educate Yourself: Several anti-drug initiatives offer parents free guidance on vaping. Parents should always learn as much as possible about these vaping devices, what is used, and the deadly health risks involved.

Talk! Talk! Talk:  Talk with your teen child about the dangerous side effects of e-cigarettes. Plus, you also have to listen as much as you can. Try your level best not to lecture! Yes, it will be difficult, but this can backfire as this will only push children into vaping.

Give A Good Role Model: If you smoke or drink or have other addictive habits yourself, get into a recovery center today so that you can quit. If you can’t quit, make a commitment not to smoke in the presence of children or teens.

Have Clear Rigid Expectations: While adolescent years may be particularly difficult for navigation, it is important to establish rules when it comes to vaping and other addictions. Say no and hold on to it!

Creating Awareness!

There is nothing more important than creating awareness about teen addiction and these deadly substances.

We have to understand that teens are more prone to addiction because their mind is the most easier to manipulate.

– Peer Pressure.

– Hormones.

– Heart Breaks.

There are so many things that can mess up their mental health, and this is why parents need to be alert to create that awareness.

Photo by Skyler Ewing from Pexels

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