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Ways to Reward Yourself for Trying to Adapt to a Healthy Lifestyle 

Leaving your old eating habits and adapting to new ones is not an easy task.

If you haven’t been much of a healthy eater, it might require constant self-assurance and a pat on the back to keep on going. 

But if you wonder for a minute about how to get rewarded for being healthy; you can actually find the motivation to keep doing better. 

It usually happens in the middle of your healthy lifestyle journey; the itching to let it all go just begins. It comes out of nowhere but it has the ability to make you rethink; am I making the right decision? Is it too important? 

This is exactly why rewarding yourself is extremely important.

The strict diets end up making you feel frustrated. Thus, adapting to a healthier lifestyle, instead of a fad diet is the right way to begin.

And in order to reward yourself; here is what you can do. 

1. Cheat Day:

The biggest mistake that most people make is to change their entire lifestyle “suddenly”. This sudden change, however, doesn’t sustain for long.

This is why it is very important to always go slow and steady. Some of the biggest and most famous fitness enthusiasts, also have a cheat day in their diets.

It can either be every Sunday or Saturday night.

Thus, always schedule one cheat day. It is your choice as to whether you want to keep it once per week or once every two weeks.

Depending on your fitness goals and the attention your body requires; you can set a day where you eat everything you want to. 

2. Spa Treatment:

If you have started working out, you must treat yourself to a wonderful massage or spa day, at least once per month.

Or you can choose alternate months for it. This is, without a doubt, an extremely rewarding treatment for someone who has just started gym.

Even if you have been training for quite some time now, going to the gym is a treat in itself.

It relaxes the muscles and makes you feel calm. 

3. Get Cash Rewards:

There are some apps now that pay you. It is as easy as; the more you run, the more you gain.

These applications are a relatively new concept and are on the rise. Only a few of these are available at the moment but they reward you after a few weeks, with cash.

Thus, elevate your heart rate and unlock some of the exclusive rewards.

What else could be better than getting paid for staying healthy? 

4. Rest Days:

It can be quite tempting to hit the gym every day, in the beginning. But it is equally important to take some days off. You can set a schedule or simply take 2-3 days off every week to reward yourself and also allow your muscles to recover. 

5. Invest in Gym Clothes:

Once you start building a healthy lifestyle and begin enjoying it; the best way to make yourself feel happier is to invest in your gym gear.

You can and you must invest in gym attire.

These clothes are specifically designed for the gym, adding to your flexibility and making it easier to breathe too.

You will certainly feel very joyful when buying gym clothes as a reward for the fitness you have earned. 

6. Talk to a Friend:

Another great way to stay motivated is to talk to a friend. If you feel like the change is draining you; talk to a friend at the gym.

You can also join a fitness community. Talking to like-minded people will help you feel better.

These people are on the same journey as you are, thus, they will understand you. Discuss what is holding you back and vent out as much as you can.

This discussion can be the most rewarding of all as it will boost your motivation and give you a reason to keep going on. 

7. Body Analysis:

Get a body analysis done before you opt for a healthy lifestyle. To keep records, you must get another analysis done after a few months.

How will this body analysis help you?

It will simply make you feel proud of the progress you have made. If the body analysis has changed for good, you will reward yourself with a moment of pride.

You will understand the good this lifestyle is doing to your body. And nothing feels better than knowing that you are doing good, on the inside. 


Adapting to a healthy lifestyle takes time. It is a gradual process, which can get tiring sometimes.

Thus, don’t forget to reward yourself, now and then, along the journey.

Whenever you feel tired and unmotivated, try the reading tips mentioned above and you will certainly feel better.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexel

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