Insulin and Plasma Glucose

Myth: Fasting insulin and plasma glucose will not help in determining diet success.

Truth: This is false.

Obesity is becoming a global pandemic; as such, exercise and nutrition regimens have clouded society’s judgment of effective lifestyle habits for weight loss. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that testing for fasting plasma glucose and insulin can help nutritionists tailor an optimal diet plan for that individual.

Three clinical trials were conducted to validate these findings. The clinical trials included glycemic load (high/low), fibre diet (high fibre/control), and fat/carbohydrate diet (high fat, low carb/low fat, high carb). After these trials, the fasting plasma glucose and fasting insulin of each individual was measured and categorized into normal glycemic, pre-diabetic, and diabetic. The study revealed that fasting plasma and insulin levels can determine which diet would be most appropriate for weight loss and control.

For more information about this study, click here.

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