weight management

Myth: Protein supplements help with weight management after weight loss.

Truth: This is false.

Many individuals often supplement with protein after their workout as it has previously been associated with weight maintenance and muscle building. While high-protein diets can contribute to weight loss during a caloric deficit, it is unclear whether protein supplementation will help with weight management.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition investigated whether a high-protein diet would contribute to weight management after weight loss. Four groups were assigned, including whey powder + calcium, whey powder, soy powder, and maltodextrin powder (control). Fat mass and body composition measurements were taken before and after the study. They also investigated blood pressure and blood biochemistry.

The results yielded no differences in the body composition and blood chemistry across all four experimental groups. As such, the study suggested that a difference in protein intake among the groups may not be enough to change body composition.

For further insight into this study, click the link here.

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