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Plastic surgery on the rise thanks to remote work and social media

Stigma has long since hindered the cosmetic surgery industry.

Those who have received these procedures have been seen as artificial and plastic-looking and certain Hollywood voices have been vocal in expressing their apprehension regarding plastic surgery.

Not only that but family and friends can pass judgment on those who are contemplating cosmetic surgeries and encourage you to embrace your natural beauty.

However, during the last several years, the popularity of plastic surgery has increased exponentially and has become less stigmatized.

Social media has played a significant role in the growth and acceptance of beauty enhancements with more and more people able to share their experiences with elective surgery through platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

This has allowed people the ability to learn more from those who have already gone through such experiences – surgeries and recovery time – and to let them see the results for themselves of various plastic surgeries. 

During the initial stages of COVID-19, many hospitals and cosmetic centers were closed and their staff were laid off.

This caused the plastic surgery business to greatly slow down, so much so that the cosmetic procedure world came to a standstill.

That, however, didn’t last long and plastic surgery has resurfaced and the industry is flourishing more than ever before.

Thanks to the restrictions brought about by the pandemic, people went from meeting in person to meeting via video calls for work purposes, doctor’s visits, and even events.

This allowed people to become more aware and judgmental of their facial structures as they were able to see themselves on screen in Zoom calls, FaceTime, and the like.

With so many people viewing themselves on screen and realizing their imperfections close up, curiosity about plastic surgery became more common and accepted. 

Working from home, also referred to as remote work or working remotely, has also grown in popularity because of the pandemic, and, even with COVID-19 restrictions relaxing, the work-from-home lifestyle seems to be sticking around as it provides more flexibility and a better work-life balance.

Working from home doesn’t just come with a good work-life balance, though; it also means that patients who have received cosmetic enhancements can now recover in the privacy of their own homes, allowing them to work while in recovery and not have to waste their paid time off.

This ensures that they can take a more relaxed approach to their work and avoid any embarrassment they may feel when others see the still-healing process. 

Other patients who are not allowed to work from home can still rejoice as masks are a popular choice to cover cosmetic procedures that they have had done, allowing them to shield the healing and recovery process from curious eyes and judgmental whispers.

In addition to these benefits, a report has also mentioned that finances have played a vital role in helping the plastic surgery industry to flourish.

With people staying at home and not spending money on commuting and unnecessary items, they have been able to save money toward the procedures of their dreams: from mommy makeovers to facial implants to reshape certain areas such as the chin, cheek, or jaw, eyelid lifts, facelifts, lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, Botox, and more. 

The popularity of these surgeries is expected to continue to grow.

Currently, almost 18 million cosmetic enhancement surgeries are being performed annually in the United States of America and women are not the only ones benefiting from these procedures anymore.

Men are also contributing to the growth of the cosmetic surgery industry as it becomes more accepted worldwide and the stigma disappears.

Plastic surgery has also seen an improvement in its techniques and results.

Cosmetic enhancement procedures have a more natural and less plastic look than they used to which has also added to the increase in these types of procedures.  

Another factor to consider is that people are able to research and understand the benefits of such surgeries.

Plastic surgery isn’t just about cosmetics, after all.

It can also be beneficial to one’s health, both mental and physical, and quality of life.

Procedures such as rhinoplasty can lead to breathing improvements, breast reduction can reduce pain in the back and shoulders, and a body lift can reduce the chance of skin infections in people who have lost an excessive amount of weight and are left with excess skin.

These procedures can be life-altering for many.


The future of cosmetic surgery is quite promising.

Treatments are advancing and those who seek out these enhancements are not being judged like they once were.

These advancements have made these procedures safer and not as invasive as they once used to be, allowing patients to be less anxious and more comfortable during these practices.

Additionally, the recovery time isn’t as long as it once was nor are the procedures as expensive. 

With the ability to conduct research and to view others who have had cosmetic procedures performed, thanks to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms, the worries that were once reserved for plastic surgery have been relinquished.

People are understanding more about the benefits of such surgeries as well and realizing that they can help health-related issues and improve the quality of one’s life. 

Even without the obvious health-related benefits, people put value into looking good. It helps them to feel good, too, which can improve mental health and self-esteem.

This, in and of itself, can contribute to a better quality of life. 

And with plastic surgery becoming less stigmatized, people no longer have to worry about the harsh criticism and judgments of others. 

All of these factors, and the ones discussed earlier in the article, are contributing to the continued success of cosmetic surgery. 

The industry is booming and is expected to continue to grow well into the future.

As the techniques implemented during these surgeries continue to advance and become more commonplace, more and more people will turn to cosmetic enhancements to not only improve their looks but also to improve their overall health whether it be physical or mental. 

Photo by Paola Diaz from Pexels

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