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Main Tips How to Avoid Vector Borne Diseases

Vectors such as mosquitoes and flies are responsible for thousands of deaths per year globally.

They carry disease-causing germs and transmit them to humans either directly or indirectly through food.

Undergoing treatment when you are suffering from a vector-borne disease can, at times, drain you both emotionally and financially. However, with a little caution, you can prevent yourself from contracting one.

If you are wondering how below are a few tips that can help you immensely.

11 Top Tips to Prevent Vector Borne Disease Infection:

1. Spraying Appropriate Pesticides

To eliminate vectors from your surroundings, you can use pesticides that would effectively kill them.

Also, you can opt for pest control to get rid of all the harmful vectors that can cause disease. However, you must keep in mind to select a pesticide that would not affect your own health adversely.

Additionally, you must cover food items properly so that they do not come in contact with the pesticide.

2. Installing Mesh Nets

Mesh nets can effectively prevent the entry of flies and mosquitoes into your house and further save you from mosquito bites.

At the same time, you can get an uninterrupted cool breeze.

This will completely prevent the entry of vectors into your house, thus skipping the use of pesticides. However, all net meshes may not be effective in preventing all types of vectors.

3. Wearing Full Sleeve Dresses

Wearing full-sleeved clothes can prevent the exposure of your skin to the vectors.

This prevents them from effectively transmitting diseases from an infected person to a healthy person. These are crucial when you visit forest areas or places where there is a high density of mosquitoes.

You can also use repellent creams to keep these disease-carrying vectors away from you.

4. Sealing Water Tanks Tightly

It is extremely important to seal your water tank appropriately to that vectors cannot breed in them.

Additionally, you must clean your tank at regular intervals to eliminate the eggs and larvae of various insects. 

5. Disposing Of Objects that Can Accumulate Water

You must properly dispose of objects that can accumulate water.

This is so because mosquitoes and other vectors require this thin layer of water to breed effectively and lay eggs.

Hence, you must make sure that there are no objects like old tires or pipes, which can accumulate rainwater. 

6. Maintaining Hygiene of Washrooms

It is a must to clean your washrooms at regular intervals to maintain hygiene.

This also prevents the accumulation of eggs of certain vectors. Use disinfectants to clean your washrooms so that there are no existing signs of larvae of these vectors.

You can also add antiseptic liquid to your washroom cleaner to increase its effectiveness.

7. Restraining from Playing in Rainwater

It is extremely fun to play in rainwater during the monsoons. However, you must know that while doing so, you might accidentally come in contact with certain harmful insects.

This can expose you to harmful vector-borne diseases. 

Hence, in order to maintain the utmost safety, you can avoid playing or getting wet in the rain.

Also, if by any chance you get wet in the rain, you must take a hot water bath and clean yourself with soap to eliminate germs.

8. Carrying Sanitisers and Wash Hands Frequently

It is a must to keep your hands free from germs by sanitizing them or washing them with clean water for almost 20 seconds before eating.

Also, you can wash your hands multiple times a day to avoid any germs reaching your mouth via your hands.

9. Covering Food Items Properly

It is a must to cover your food properly when you are at your home to prevent the vectors from sitting on them and contaminating them.

Additionally, you must avoid street food if you see it is exposed to vectors.

This is a prominent reason for several diseases, and hence you must not compromise your safety by eating uncovered food.

10. Changing Cooler Water at Regular Intervals

If the water of coolers is kept unchanged for a long, there is a high chance that vectors will find it suitable for breeding.

Hence, it is mandatory that you change the cooler water at regular intervals to prevent the same.

11. Boiling Water Before Drinking

Boiling water kills all the germs that it contains. Hence, even if it is contaminated by vectors, boiling water for some time would kill all the germs and make it safe to drink.

It is a must to follow the tips mentioned above to keep yourself and the people around you safe from vector-borne diseases. Additionally, you can purchase a health insurance policy from a reputed company like Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance to cover your medical expenses in case you end up suffering from a severe vector-borne disease. This will save you from significant financial stress.

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