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Protect Your Body From Oxidative Stress And Improve Immunity

The imbalance between the production and accumulation of reactive oxygen species in the cells and tissues and the antioxidant defense to inhibit their harmful effects is called oxidative stress. It occurs naturally and plays a role in the aging process. Reactive oxygen species are examples of free radicals which have one or more unpaired electrons.  Free radicals react spontaneously with other molecules and can trigger a range of chemical reactions.

Factors Contributing To Oxidative Stress

Several factors lead to oxidative stress and contribute to excess free radical production:

  • Diet high in fat
  • Lifestyle (processed foods, smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products. Alcohol consumption)
  • Pollution
  • Radiation

Is Oxidative Stress Triggered By The Natural Immune Response Of Our Body?

Temporarily, the body’s immune system triggers oxidative stress, which causes a mild inflammation that tends to reduce once the immune system battles an infection or repairs an injury. In case of uncontrolled production, it can accelerate the aging process. Sometimes when the immune cells generate free radicals while fighting off germs. These free radicals end up damaging the healthy cells.

Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis are several conditions resulting from chronic inflammation that happens due to oxidative stress. Our brain requires substantial oxygen as it needs to perform intense metabolic activities that generate free radicals. The excess of free radicals during oxidative stress can result in cell death, leading to neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.


Our body requires both antioxidants as well as free radicals. Excess or little of either would end up causing health hazards. A certain lifestyle and making accurate dietary choices that include a properly balanced diet may help to reduce Oxidative stress. Others include:

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and quit smoking
  • Try to minimize the use of processed goods, especially the ones rich in sugar and fat
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise has been shown to reduce stress and improve symptoms of anxiety and reduce depression. It doesn’t matter how intense your workout sessions are but your mood benefits from the exercise
  • Intake certain antioxidants— namely, vitamins C and E
  • Avoid or reducing exposure to pollution and harsh chemicals
  • Get plenty of sleep

Is Carbon 60 (C60) Good for You?

In recent years, there’s been increasing interest in the health effects of fullerenes, particularly the fullerene known as Carbon 60. It is the most common fullerene, made up of 60 carbon atoms that form a structure that looks like a hollow soccer ball. It can interact with free radicals in the environment giving the molecule strong antioxidant properties. Since it provides antioxidant properties, people can take it as a supplement.

C60 oil is the most common way to use the compound, which is often mixed with other oils like olive oil. It can be used as an active ingredient in food for making salads. C60 oil is also sometimes added to serums or creams, and the compound can be found in some topical beauty products.

Other Benefits Of C-60

C60 oil can be used to prevent the treatment of certain skin diseases due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 60 is believed to be one of the most powerful antioxidants that protect the body from oxidative stress. In addition, C60 oil benefits range from the treatment of arthritis to organ health. It also has the potential to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, helping to detoxify the brain. Not only does this help to protect the patient against serious toxic symptoms in the long term, but it could also help improve the functioning of organs in the short term.

Recent Statistics On The Research Of C60 And Its Health Effects

In 2016, the ability of the C60 compound to regulate inflammation in a mouse model of eczema was explored. In 2017, the effects of C60 on muscle fatigue and endurance were studied. In 2019, research was carried out that examined the potential benefits of C60 derivatives on joint damage and inflammation in rats with arthritis.

It was concluded that C60 is not considered toxic to people even though more research needs to be done in this area. Certain individuals may experience a mild reaction to C60 oil. The use of C60 oil is remarkably safe, but if one still has doubts, you are advised to visit a doctor.


Oxidative stress can be reduced by having a healthy body weight, regularly exercising, and eating a balanced diet. But, as we all know, that excess of everything is harmful. Dietary intake of antioxidants is essential for optimal health, but more is not always better. Fruits and vegetables serve as the best way to get your daily dose of antioxidants.

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