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Organic Baby Formula You Should Know About 

Consumer behavior, attitudes toward the environment, and eating habits change from generation to generation, sometimes even faster.

But one thing remains constant: parents want to provide their children with the best, to give them a good start in life. 

Many people think of organic foods as products without chemicals, but it’s a little more complicated.

The principles for producing such baby food are based not only on the absence of harmful ingredients in the composition.

More importantly, organic foods consist exclusively of natural raw materials with respect for nature. 

Is organic baby food healthier for babies?

Organic certification means that the chosen product for your little one’s feeding contains more than 90% of organic ingredients, and the raw material for its production must be clean from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

All production stages must comply with organic agriculture standards, from soil samples and water to harvesting technology and storage.

In producing organic baby food, it is forbidden to use preservatives and sweeteners.

The best 3 organic baby formula choices 

Jovie organic goat milk formula

One of the best organic goat’s milk formulas based on top-quality ingredients is Jovie.

The main carbohydrate is whole goat’s milk, a great source of all essential nutrients for sensitive babies. It is well suited for mixed or formula feeding when the mother does not have enough breast milk.

The formula contains exclusively modern and functional components, which will positively affect the baby’s health and ensure its proper development.

This formula’s main advantage is its composition of probiotics for better and easier digestion in the baby’s body, especially compared to cow’s milk.

This nutrition has no disadvantages and is suitable for any healthy baby and infants with GI disorders (constipation, regurgitation, flatulence), which do not require correction by medical nutrition.

Lebenswert organic cows milk formula

The milk used in the Lebenswert formula comes exclusively from organic farmers who follow the strict rules of Bioland farming.

This farming method values and respects humans, animals, and the earth.

Organic Bioland farmers advocate appropriate animal husbandry, plant protection, soil fertilization without chemical or synthetic ingredients, and careful management of soil fertility.

Products produced in accordance with these requirements are environmentally friendly and preserve nature.

Notably, Lebenswert Stage 1 contains no maltodextrin and uses lactose to add sweetness to the formula.

Organic vegan baby formula: Bebe Mandorle

There are several brands that make baby food that is 100% vegan. Bebe Mandorle’s organic formula is one of them designed on the latest research in infant nutrition to meet babies` nutritional needs.

This dairy-free, soy-free, lactose-free formula based on organic rice protein is an excellent option for babies with several intolerances or allergies as part of a varied diet. 

Despite the availability of quality baby feeding options that are 100% vegan and have all the nutrients needed for healthy baby development, some parents are tempted to look up homemade vegan baby formula recipes online and consider making their own.

Please don’t do that!

Scientists developed a mass-produced baby formula and rigorously tested it to ensure its safety.

If you try to make it yourself at home, there is a huge chance of error due to inaccurate measurements, unsafe ingredients, and potential bacterial contamination.

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