holiday weight-gain prevention

A recent study reports on positive outcomes of a workplace holiday weight-gain prevention program.

As the holiday season approaches, a significant concern for many is the weight gain that can occur, typically due to overeating and sedentary activity that occurs due to increased social gatherings and less frequent activity during the cooler months. So, what can be done to help prevent this holiday weight gain?

A study published in Nutrition and Health has investigated whether participating in a workplace holiday weight gain prevention program could beneficially impact participants’ weight gain during the holiday season.

Researchers from Georgian, United States, recruited more than 200 state government employees to take part in a holiday weight-gain prevention program that lasted a period of ten weeks. At the beginning of the study, employees’ weights were recorded, with continued ‘weigh-ins’ at bi-weekly intervals throughout the ten-week period, and at the end of the study. During the ten-week program, employees also took part in team challenges and were offered organizational support.

The study reported that employees made positive changes in eating behaviours and physical activity. The researchers found that not only did employees not gain weight over the holiday season, but they lost weight. The researchers conclude that “a weight gain prevention program during a high-risk period (fall holiday season) can be effective.”

The study suggests that taking part in group weight-gain prevention activities that promote healthy habits in a group setting may be an effective way to manage weight-gain during specific periods, such as during the holidays.

Reference:  Mark G Wilson, Heather M Padilla, Lu Meng, et. al., (2019). Impact of a workplace holiday weight gain prevention program. Brief Report. Nutrition and Health. Volume: 25 issue: 3, page(s): 173-177

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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