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Incorporating stretching into your home fitness routine can have a wide range of benefits for your health. Stretching is great for you whenever you get the opportunity to do it, but stretching at home can be especially helpful since it will encourage you to stretch regularly every day. Here are five great ways to help you learn to stretch in your own home.

Why Stretch?

Stretching can be a very valuable way to improve your overall health, recover from workouts, and achieve a more balanced state of mind. While stretching is often undervalued as a soft discipline and not nearly as important as intense physical workouts, in reality, stretching may have more benefits than many other types of workouts.

Because stretching is not very strenuous and makes you feel good, it can be a much easier habit to maintain than other kinds of workouts.

Five Ways to Learn Stretching at Home

1. Hire an Instructor. An instructor that can come to your home is a great way to learn stretching in your own environment. A personal instructor can tailor stretches to your particular needs and correct your technique in person.

2. Get a good book. A quality book on stretching is a great way to look at a variety of stretches and pick the ones that work best for you. A physical book may be better than Kindle or something online so that you can mark your favorite pages easily and take notes in the margins.

3. Follow a blog. A stretching blog can be an excellent way to learn new structures regularly and continue challenging yourself every day or week as new stretches are released. Blogs with a forum feature make it easy for you to connect with other people and learn from their stretching.

4. Stretching videos. Stretching videos may be the second-best option to an individual instructor. You can find stretching videos that meet your exact needs and watch them in real-time to perfect your technique.

5. Hire an online instructor. The instructor doesn’t necessarily have to come to your house to watch your technique and give you personal advice and a tailored routine. You may be amazed by how much instruction can be given over a video chat.

Why is Stretching at Home Important?

You may already have stretching as part of your routine at yoga class or at your gym, so why does it matter if you also incorporate a home stretching routine? Stretching every day may offer more benefits than only stretching during class a couple times a week.

In fact, stretching regularly throughout your day may be the most beneficial option of all. This is why a home stretching routine is well worth your consideration.

By incorporating a home stretching routine, you make it much more likely that you will stretch as often as is beneficial for your overall health. Furthermore, you can practice your home stretching even at times when it isn’t practical to go to the gym or to class, so it will remain a part of your everyday habits.

Do You Need an Instructor to Learn Home Stretching?

An instructor can be extremely helpful in improving your home stretching routine. An instructor may be especially valuable at the beginning, as you learn how stretches are supposed to feel and work out which stretches are most important for your health and fitness goals.

Whether you choose an instructor that comes to your home or one that can coach you over a video chat, in-person instruction can be very useful. However, if you can’t find an instructor to work with you at home or this kind of instruction is outside of your budget, don’t let it get in the way of incorporating home stretching into your daily life. You can also learn a lot of valuable stretches from videos, books, or blogs.

Are Video or Written Stretch Instructions Better?

Everybody learns differently, but most people find that videos can be more helpful for informing you about how to stretch effectively than written instructions. Video can be very helpful for teaching all kinds of things, even difficult to learn higher education skills.

When it comes to a physical skill like stretching, video can be significantly more effective than written instructions, since reading what you should do and watching somebody do it are very different, and watching often makes a lot more sense. You can repeatedly watch a video to learn exactly how the stretch should look, whereas reading the same sections and looking at pictures may not be as helpful.

Incorporate Stretching Into Your Everyday Routine

Stretching has a wide range of health benefits, as well as making you feel better and being good for your mental health. Stretching every day and even multiple times a day is the best way to take advantage of its many benefits.

By learning stretching at home, you can easily work stretching into your daily routine rather than waiting for a class or workout club to meet before you benefit from stretching. Thankfully, it is quite easy to learn stretching at home, regardless of your budget or schedule.

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay 

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