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Is Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Chronic Tension-Type Headaches?

chronic tension-type headachesPrevious observations and studies have suggested a correlation between chronic pain and vitamin D deficiency. More recently, it has been speculated that a few headache disorders—most notably, migraine and tension-type headache—can be attributed to low levels of vitamin D…[read more]


Can a Healthy Gut Microbiome Suppress Autoimmune Diseases?

gut microbiomeA healthy gut microbiome can prevent certain diseases and a recent study determines the effectiveness of administering a certain strain of gut bacteria in suppressing autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis…[read more]



The Growing Public Health Threat of Arboviruses and Pregnancy

Arboviruses and pregnancyArboviruses refer to infections caused by the bite of infected insects such as mosquitoes, midge, sandfly species, and ticks. Over 100 arbovirus species are capable of causing diseases in humans, with the most serious complications amongst children, pregnant women, and the elderly…[read more]


Response to a Low-Calorie Diet Linked to Different Gene Expression Patterns

low-calorie dietA study identifies genes that may be involved in controlling BMI, insulin sensitivity, and glucose metabolism by comparing gene expression patterns in a group of overweight and obese, non-diabetic individuals after a low-calorie diet…[read more]


Is Hair Repigmentation a Response to Lung Cancer Treatment?

lung cancer treatmentThis is the first reported instance of a restoration of hair color in response to anti-PD1/anti-PD-L1lung cancer treatment therapy. Programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1) is a protein present on the surface of a number of cells of the immune system…[read more]

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