Biggest Headlines of the Week

Does Diet Quality Improve with Walnut Consumption?

Many older persons find it difficult to maintain a diet that provides enough nutrients for optimal health. A recent study looked at whether it is possible for older persons to improve their diet quality by consuming walnuts on a daily basis…[read more]


Structural Differences in the ADHD Brain

ADHD brainScientists study the brains of young adults with ADHD to determine whether there are significant differences in the ADHD brain that can predict a diagnosis and help in the understanding of symptoms…[read more]



Dietary Supplement Use in Older Adults

dietary supplement useApproximately 50% of the US adult population, particularly older adults, use dietary supplements to enhance their health and wellbeing. A recent study examines the consequences of dietary supplement use on the health outcomes of older adults…[read more]


Do Genes, Sex, and Age Confer a Greater Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s?

risk of developing Alzheimer'sA recent meta-analysis investigates whether sex, age, and a particular genotype are associated with a greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease…[read more]



Can an Asthma Drug Help Treat Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson's diseaseA recent study investigates the ability of an asthma drug to reduce levels of α-synuclein, a protein believed to contribute to the development of Parkinson’s disease…[read more]

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