In case you missed it, here are the biggest headlines of the week!


Parents Now View Flu Vaccine As Less Important Than Other Childhood Vaccines

flu vaccine

An American national poll found that parents who do not give their children the flu vaccine view the vaccine less positively … [read more]





Do Diet and Genetics Affect Insulin Resistance?

insulin resistance

A recent study highlights the correlation between dietary fat intake and insulin resistance by examining gene-diet interactions in Chinese twins … [read more]





Do Pleasurable Foods Increase Weight Fluctuations?

weight fluctuations

A new study was done to see if pleasurable (palatable) foods increase weight fluctuations as a measure to predict future weight gain. It was determined that palatable foods do increase weight variability when the reward system in the brain is active, contrasted by a decreased variability when an individual is more self-aware … [read more]



Changes in Behaviour Affect Weight Loss Maintenance

weight loss maintenance

In a recent study published in Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers explore how behavioural interventions influence weight loss maintenance. The results indicate that individuals who participate in behavioural interventions that were specific to weight loss maintenance kept the weight off better than those who received traditional interventions … [read more]



Psychological Distress and Cancer Mortality

psychological distress

The idea of mind-body association is too old to determine its origin. However, this idea has not been scientifically examined until researchers produced evidence for the association between emotional distress and cardiovascular disorders in the recent few decades. More importantly, there has been no such strong evidence in the context of cancer until a recent article with a focus on the association between psychological distress and cancer mortality was recently published … [read more]



Soft, Silent Artificial Muscles Woven for Life-Like Prosthetic Interaction

artificial muscles

The advancements in prosthetics and assistive devices have made life simpler for many. Development of artificial muscles, using cellulose fibers and conducting polymers, can have a seamless improvement in such human-machine interaction … [read more]

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