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Mood Swings: Is it Menopause, Bipolar Disorder, or Both?

mood swingsMenopause is a significant phase in a woman’s life, namely characterized by the end of the menstrual cycle. However, as a result of fluctuating hormone levels, there are several additional side effects that mark this midlife transition. Reproductive cycle changes can promote mood swings whether they are associated with premenstrual, postpartum, or menopausal … [read more].

The Double-Edged Sword of New Cancer Drugs

new cancer drugsThe advancement of research and science has led to the development of a promising new class of cancer drugs, but for some patients, the price of this new cancer treatment is the onset of other autoimmune conditions. These new cancer drugs work by stimulating the immune system to target deadly cancer cells. Unfortunately, physicians have noticed … [read more].

Does Exercise Regulate Epigenetics?

exerciseRecent evidence suggests that the benefits of exercise extend further than what is commonly known. Researchers around the world have agreed that regular physical activity has positive effects that originate in the very smallest unit of your body – DNA. Now, it is thought, that physical activity causes beneficial effects on a person’s epigenetic profile … [read more].

Can This New Class of Painkillers Reduce Mortality?

painkillersBiased opioid agonists are currently being researched by drug manufacturers as a potentially safer alternative to traditional opioids. They selectively activate the pain-relief pathway. Biased opioid agonists provide a similar amount of pain relief as morphine, without the risk of respiratory depression … [read more].


Are Diet and Exercise Programs Effective in Preventing Gestational Diabetes?

preventing gestational diabetesAn increasing number of women are affected by gestational diabetes, which is elevated blood sugar during pregnancy. Risk factors for gestational diabetes include high sugar and low fibre diets, excessive weight gain during pregnancy, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Gestational diabetes does not only affect the mother in ways such as … [read more].

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