In case you missed it, here are the biggest headlines of the week!


Living Near Heavy Traffic Is Associated with Higher Incidence of Dementia

incidence of dementia

Large population-based study shows that almost half of Ontario residents live within 200 meters of a major traffic road and that this close proximity is associated with an increased incidence of dementia … [read more]




Does Delirium Accelerate Cognitive Decline?

cognitive decline

Currently, delirium is used as a predictive measure for cognitive decline. However, a new study has found that this is only the case when the delirium has been caused due to the similar pathological processes seen in classic dementia … [read more]




Is a Higher Flavonoid Intake the Secret to Losing Weight?

flavonoid intake

A higher dietary flavonoid intake has provided evidence of its ability to impact on the body composition of women. A recent study published in AJCN suggests that an intake of flavonoids is associated with lower fat mass and less weight gain … [read more]




Delayed Clamping of Umbilical Cord Reduces Likelihood of Developing Anemia

delayed clamping

A new study wanted to examine whether the development of anemia in infants could be affected by delayed clamping of the umbilical cord at the time of birth. The results demonstrate that at 8 months of age, children with delayed clamping were 11% less likely to have anemia and the risk of suffering from iron deficiency was reduced by 42% … [read more]



Is Routine Screening for Genital Herpes Infection Recommended?

genital herpes infection

The US Preventive Services Task Force recommends not screening asymptomatic adults for genital herpes infection, because the harms of screening outweigh the benefits … [read more]

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