In case you missed it, here are the biggest headlines of the week!


End-of-Rotation Transitions May Lead to Increased Risk of In-Hospital Mortality


A new multifaceted study examines the implications of end-of-rotation transitions by resident students on the health of patients at 10 university-affiliated US Veterans Affairs hospitals. The findings of an unrestricted analysis suggest that there is a significant increase in the amount of in-hospital deaths related to end-of-rotation transitions; however, in a restricted analysis, similar results were not found … [read more]


Red Meat and Fish – or Veggies and Potatoes – to Reduce Heart Attack Risk?

Heart Attack Risk

A new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition has looked at the effects of switching red meat to vegetables and potatoes, or switching fatty fish to vegetables and potatoes – but do any of these diet changes lower heart attack risk? … [read more]



Can Smartphone Apps Assess Lifestyle Effects on Cardiovascular Health?

smartphone apps

A new Journal of American Medical Association article has revealed that smartphone apps can effectively improve lifestyle habits among users … [read more]




Using Your Phone While Walking Changes Your Walking Patterns

walking patterns

A new study published in the Journal of Motor Behaviour reports that using your phone while walking results in unconscious changes in gait, one’s natural walking patterns … [read more]




Increased Consumption of Cured Meats Associated with Aggravating Asthma Symptoms

consumption of cured meats

A new study takes a novel approach when examining the effects of cured meats on asthma symptoms, as well as determining the relationship of one’s body mass index (BMI) in regards to these factors. The results of the study identify a positive correlation between an increase in the consumption of cured meats and the severity of asthma symptoms; as well, researchers identified BMI as a mediator in this relationship … [read more]

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