In case you missed it, here are the biggest headlines of the week!


Correlations Between Hearing Loss and Iron Deficiency Anemia

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Hearing loss has been associated with poor health and potentially with treatable conditions such as iron deficiency anemia. A recently published study assesses the correlation between sensorineural and conductive hearing loss, and iron deficiency anemia in the US population … [read more]



Beach Umbrellas Alone Don’t Provide Full UV Protection


Although umbrellas obstruct direct sunlight, they do not prevent exposure from diffuse or reflected UV rays that can also cause sunburn and skin damage … [read more]





Increased Dietary Protein Improves Bone Strength

bone strength

Dietary protein has been linked to improvements in bone microstructure, but the relation between microstructure and strength is not clearly defined. A new study investigated the effects of dietary protein on both microstructure and bone strength and found positive correlation between both factors … [read more]



Does a Mediterranean-Type Diet Affect Brain Volume?

brain volume

A Mediterranean-type diet has previously been looked at to view its effects on the aging brain. It was found that those who did not adhere to such a diet showed visible signs of reduced brain volume over a 3-year time period … [read more]




Citrus Fruits Can Rescue Blood Vessel Function

citrus fruits

A 2017 study examined the effect of flavanones – commonly found in citrus fruits – on vessel function in the fed state. The study found that orange-derived flavanones rescue eating-induced decreases in blood vessel function … [read more]

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