In case you missed it, here are the biggest headlines of the week!


Does Eating Eggs Increase Your Risk of Dementia?


A number of studies have linked dietary cholesterol to increased risk of dementia. A new study in the American Journal of Clinical Research assessed whether the egg consumption increased the risk of developing dementia … [read more]




Spinraza: The First Treatment for Spinal Muscular Atrophy


Spinraza (nusinersen) is the first and only drug available for pediatric and adult spinal muscular atrophy … [read more]

Children with Concussions Respond Inadequately to Changes in Pitch

children with concussions

A 2016 study sought to determine whether concussions predictably affect pitch perception, sound identification, and speech processing in children. The study found that children with concussions respond inadequately to changes in pitch and display a distinct profile of impaired sound processing … [read more]

Risk of Developing Peripheral Arterial Disease Linked to Meat Consumption

peripheral arterial disease

A new study seeks to examine how specific components of the diet, as well as different types of diet, alter the risk of developing peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in people over the age of 40 … [read more]

High Fibre Intake May Offer Cardiovascular Benefits by Altering Gut Bacteria

high fibre intake

According to a recently published study, high fibre intake may offer cardiovascular benefits by altering gut bacteria. In an experimental mouse model, high fibre diet increased the abundance of beneficial, short chain fatty acid producing bacteria in the gut, lowered blood pressure and improved overall heart function … [read more]

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