TytoCare, a tool used for remote health monitoring, represents the next step in telemedicine.


TytoCare is a new device for use in telemedicine. The hand-held device is a digital examination tool that can be used at home for self-examination, or can be used as a telemedicine tool to aid in remote diagnosis. This new device increases diagnosing potential by supporting a more comprehensive physical exam. Not only can the device assess more basic parameters such as temperature, but it has been designed to assess several more complex physical parameters:

Heart – Digital audio capability allows for monitoring of heart rate and rhythm, providing information sensitive enough to detect heart conditions such as heart murmurs.

Lungs – The device has a stethoscope attachment that provides information for diagnosing lung conditions, such as asthma.

Ears – The device is able to capture high resolution digital images of the ear canal and membranes, enabling physicians to accurately diagnose ear infections.

Skin – Digital imaging can also be used to assess skin conditions such as rashes, moles, or other dermatological issues.

Throat – Another attachment available with TytoCare is a tongue depressor, which allows digital imaging of mouth and throat, allowing for diagnosis of infections such as strep throat.

The TytoCare system can not only be used at home as a self-diagnosing system, but can be used together with an online exam that allows you to consult with a doctor without leaving your house.




TytoCare Website: www.tytocare.com






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