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Two Habits That Are Wrecking Your Productivity

A lot of the time when we think of bad habits we think of the obvious ones. Smoking, drinking too much, or maybe even drug use. If you do not struggle with any of these big, bad habits you might not even realize that innocent bad habits can also sometimes have bad consequences. Identifying and overcoming innocent bad habits can have a huge impact on your productivity and quality of life. If you are here looking for ideas on how to stop bad habits, this is a good place to start. Let’s look at two seemingly innocent bad habits you should kick. 


Oversleeping seems innocent enough. You aren’t hurting anyone else. You still get to work on time every day. What’s the big deal? Oversleeping is one of the most significant bad habits because it can affect so many other areas of your life. Oversleeping is a direct result of not getting enough sleep to begin with. When people are on a healthy sleep routine, their bodies naturally wake up in accordance with their internal clock. This internal clock is set directly through your habits and actions. If you stay up too late at night, then your natural clock will set for later in the morning. This is problematic though because most people need to wake up early in the morning to get to work or school on time. 

When you are not getting enough sleep it will have far-reaching, negative effects on your health and emotional well-being. This will follow you throughout every single aspect of your day. Your work, your health, your relationships. You name it. Everything is negatively affected by sleep deprivation. You can start to break this bad habit by simply going to bed earlier. Establish a bedtime routine. Turn off the screens one hour before your bedtime. Get in bed, and read till you dose off. 

Another negative aspect of oversleeping is that you will continually be slammed in the face by every new day. You will not get the healthy benefits of personal time in the morning. Personal time in the morning is crucial to productivity. When you get up early enough, you will be able to have quiet reflection time on what your goals are for the day. You may have time for a workout. You can ease into your day with a sense of calm and control, rather than panic and running late. The world’s most productive, successful people get up early enough to have quiet personal time before their day starts. 

Feedback Resistance 

Feedback resistance is the habit of constantly reacting to feedback with defensiveness and resistance. Feedback is a crucial part of our development as people, employees, students, spouses, parents, and just as human beings. No one does everything right all of the time. When you make mistakes, others will give you feedback explaining how you messed up and how you can improve going forward. If you have trouble receive feedback from anyone, you will struggle in many facets of life. 

You can test yourself for feedback resistance by observing your reactions the very next time someone gives you feedback. How do you react? Did you argue? Did you disagree? Did you say anything defensive or did you take what they said into consideration? If the idea of calmly accepting criticism upsets you, you may have feedback resistance. 

Overcoming this bad habit is essential to your success and development as a person. Even if you feel resistant when you get feedback, fight the urge to be defensive. Later, when you are alone, evaluate the feedback without any emotion. What could you have improved on? Learning to receive and use feedback is a really important part of growing as a person. 

Overcoming even these two bad habits, even if it takes professional help like at, can have a huge effect on your personal productivity, your relationships, and your long-term success. 

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