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This week in medical news contains some of the latest news from Medical News Bulletin, keeping you up to date with a brief report of the latest research news.


A new method of cancer treatment using engineered cancer-fighting cells

engineered cancer fighting cellsIn a study published in Science, a team of scientists have engineered immune cells that could recognize and kill cancer cells only in the presence of an “ON switch” that controls the timing and location of treatment…Read More




Seasonal Flu Vaccination Could Prevent Stroke

seasonal flu vaccinationA study, reported in the journal Vaccine, found that stroke occurrence was significantly decreased during a period of 59 days after flu vaccination. The researchers suggest that the apparent protective effect of the flu vaccine was seen because of the prevention of illness caused by the flu, which has the potential to trigger stroke…Read More



Are You Pessimistic? You May be Increasing Your Risk of Heart Disease

pessimistic are more likely to develop coronary heart diseaseStudy finds that men who are pessimistic are more likely to develop coronary heart disease, potentially adding a psychosocial risk factor to other well-known physiological risk factors…Read More


Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Obese Children

cardiometabolic risk factors in childrenStudy finds that cardiometabolic risk factors in children and young adults increase with increasing severity of obesity…Read More




Pillbox: A Smart Medication Dispenser

Pillbox is a sleek, rectangular device with a central controller unit and separate compartments that can be filled from the top with each medication. It is portable and was designed specifically for use by the elderly and disabled, complete with a large screen, Braille indicators, an alarm, and light indicators for optimal use…Read More


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