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Promising Therapies for Preventing Migraines

preventing migraines

Recent advances in the preventive treatment of migraines have the potential to effectively reduce the number of migraine attacks with no serious adverse reactions…Read More




Early Use of Probiotics Could Reduce the Risk of Type 1 Diabetes in Children

probiotics reduce risk of diabetes

Probiotic use during the first 27 days after birth may reduce the risk of developing type 1 diabetes in children, according to a new study…Read More




FDA Approves Genetically-Modified AquAdvantage Salmon for Human Consumption

AquAdvantage Salmon

The FDA has approved AquAdvantage Salmon, a genetically-engineered Atlantic salmon that grows to market size more rapidly than their non-genetically-engineered counterpart…Read More



An Ingestible Sensor Can Monitor Heart and Respiratory Vital Signs

ingestigble sensor MIT

MIT scientists have developed a proof-of concept sensor that provides real-time heart and respiratory vital sign information internally from the gastrointestinal tract…Read More





Blood Glucose Responses to the Same Foods Differ Between People

personalised nutrition

In the era of personalized medicine, researchers have now revealed that changes to blood glucose levels after eating may also be a highly personal process, supporting the development of personalised nutrition…Read More




Mobile Phone-Based Self-Management Tool for Hypertension

daily lifestyle factors and blood pressure

A graduate student has developed a mobile phone-base system that allows patients to self-manage hypertension, while increasing their awareness of the connection between daily lifestyle factors and blood pressure…Read More




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