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Should Recommended Screening Age for Colorectal Cancer be Lowered?

screening age for colorectal cancerA recent study has found that a high proportion of colorectal cancer patients are below the recommended screening age of 50 years, calling into question current screening age for colorectal cancer…Read More


Is There Really a Happiness Gene?

happiness geneScientists have found a difference in genetic expression of a specific enzyme that is involved in anxiety and neuroticism…Read More

How Does Social Media Affect Your Sleep?

social media on sleep2A new study published in the journal Preventive Medicine has highlighted some negative effects of social media on sleep in young people…Read More



Taking Anti-Asthma Medication During Pregnancy Could be Associated with Autism Risk

anti-asthma medication during pregnancyA new study has found an association between anti-asthma medication during pregnancy and risk of autism spectrum disorders in children…Read More


Vision Problems Affect Early Literacy in Preschoolers

early literacy in preschoolersA new study published in the journal Opthalmology has found that children with farsightedness that goes uncorrected have an associated reduction in early literacy in preschoolers…Read More


Using Videogames to Treat Autism

Using Videogames to Treat AutismA recent study proposing changes in videogame development use a novel videogame to treat autism symptoms, lower the severity of impaired social interaction skills…Read More


Eating the Right Fruits and Vegetables Prevent Weight Gain

fruits and vegetables prevent weight gainNew research has found that specific components of fruits and vegetables could help in preventing long-term weight gain…Read More


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