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Measuring Well-Being and Happiness – Results of a National Survey

happinessNew happiness study finds that people aged between 65-79 years old tend to be the happiest…Read More



Is BPA-free Really Safer?

BPA-freeWhile the BPA-free symbol on many plastic products makes us believe we are choosing a safer alternative, new research shows why this may not be the case…Read More



Feeling Cold this Winter? Gut Microbes Help Increase Tolerance to Cold

tolerance to coldAccording to a new study, the composition of gut microbes changes upon cold exposure and this promotes energy uptake and increases the amount of brown fat in the body…Read More



New Sunscreen Formulation Does Not Block Vitamin D Production

new sunscreenResearchers have developed a new sunscreen with a different chemical composition, allowing for vitamin D production, without compromising SPF rating…Read More



Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder May Increase with Maternal Obesity and Gestational Diabetes

risk for autism spectrum disorderA recent study has assessed whether maternal obesity and gestational diabetes is associated with risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder…Read More



ONCOblot ® – Blood Test for Early Cancer Detection

ONCOblotONCOblot ®, a blood test for cancer has been tested in a clinical trial to detect malignant mesothelioma, with very promising results…Read More



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