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Music Therapy is Beneficial for Terminally Ill Patients

music therapy in palliative care

A recent study has found significant benefits associated with music therapy in terminally ill patients who are hospitalised for palliative care…Read More



Could A Diabetes Drug be the World’s First Anti-Ageing Drug?

metformin anti aging

Both basic science and clinical studies support the use of the common diabetes drug, metformin, as a potential ‘anti-ageing’ drug…Read More



What Effects are Distractions Having on Your Family’s Mealtime?

distracted eatingDistractions occurring during family mealtimes can lead to poor nutrition choices and negative family interactions, according to a new study…Read More



Losing Pancreatic Fat Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

reverse type 2 diabetesA new research study has found that fat contained specifically within the pancreas is associated with type 2 diabetes, and that losing this fat can reverse the condition…Read More




Cannabis Increases ‘Neural Noise’ in the Brain

cannabis increases neural noiseAccording to the results of a new study, the active ingredient in cannabis increases ‘neural noise’ in the brain, similar to that observed in schizophrenia…Read More




Electronic Cigarettes Produce Damaging Free Radicals

Electronic Cigarettes Produce Damaging Free RadicalsA study published in Chemical Research in Toxicology has reported for the first time that electronic cigarettes produce free radicals, the toxins responsible for smoking-related diseases, including cancer…Read More

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