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Acetaminophen Does Not Reduce Flu Symptoms, Study Finds

Acetaminophen Does Not Reduce Flu Symptoms

While the first thing you might do when you start to get the flu is reach for some acetaminophen pills to reduce associated symptoms, a recent study finds that this might not be the best course of action…

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Promising Therapy for Dust Mite Allergy in Children

sublingual immunotherapy

A recent study has shown that a new sublingual immunotherapy tablet for house dust mite allergy is well tolerated and safe for use in children…

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Researchers Rank the Emotional Meaning of Emojis Used on Twitter

emoji sentiment score

Researchers have constructed an ‘Emoji Sentiment Ranking’ by analyzing the emotional meaning of emojis used in tweets and discovered that emojis are mainly associated with positive sentiments…

FDA Approves Scalp-Cooling Device to Reduce Hair Loss From Chemotherapy Treatment for Breast Cancer

DigniCap, a scalp-cooling device that reduces hair loss during chemotherapy for breast cancer patients by reducing blood flow to the scalp and decreasing the activity of the hair follicles, has been approved by the FDA for market in the U.S…

3-D Video Games Enhance Memory Performance, Study Shows

3-D video games enhance memory
Gamers everywhere might be happy to know that new research has found positive associations between 3D game-play and memory performance…

Distracted Driving Extends Beyond Speaking on a Handheld Phone, Study Finds

distracted driving
A new study sheds light on the risks associated with cognitive distraction while driving, which includes not only speaking on handheld devices, but also hands free, and voice-to-text…


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