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The Reality of Pursuing a Career in Nursing in 2023

Becoming a nurse is a rewarding and honorable career option. A survey conducted by the Varkey Foundation revealed that nursing is in the sixth position for being ‘the most respectable profession in the world.’

If you want to play an essential role in creating a better, healthy, and safe environment for people around you, it can be the best career option.

Choosing a career is a very important decision in one’s life and definitely, not an easy task. 

So it’s essential to understand the basics and have sound knowledge regarding the field of your choice to avoid any future mistakes.

While having an interest in nursing as a career is already a great start, there are some important aspects about it that you must be aware of before you go all-in and start your nursing education.

Nursing as a Career

Nursing is a thriving career option. Our ailing society can never have too many helping hands. Be it a time of war or peace, nurses are always in demand.

On different national and economic instances, several career fields experienced frequent lay-offs and a dip in hiring, but nursing remained unaffected. 

Just two years ago, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when everyone around the world was losing jobs, nurses were needed more than ever. 

Institutions like Holy Family University offer Accelerated BSN programs online that can help aspiring nurses achieve their career goals faster.

With an ABSN course, you can use your passion to bring a positive change in the lives of many. This career option provides a stable life with job security, a regular paycheck, and a bright future.

At the current time, good nurses are in great demand. 

Research shows that by the year 2028, the job rate for registered nurses will increase by 12%.

This field of study has garnered remarkable awareness, and now there are so many platforms available for desiring students who want to be a part of this noble profession. 

Scope of Nursing in 2023

Nurses are not just medical assistants who perform medical tasks. As a nurse, you offer hope and assistance to people during the worst time of their life.

There are so many benefits to choosing nursing as a career option. Not many people know that nursing is one of the highest-earning professions at the time.

Almost 94% of BSN graduates get a job within six months of completing their degree.

With all their opportunities and flexibility, it goes without saying that nursing can be a lot of hard work. There are reports of high levels of burnout, frequent overworking, and long shifts.

Estimates show that 39% of nurses are dissatisfied with their careers, but this is completely based on their level of education and specialty. 

Right now, nurses need support from administrators and overall healthcare systems to provide them with: 

  • Better wages
  • Improved staffing ratios with more support staff
  • Proper time-schedule
  • Better working conditions
  • Better treatment by hospital administration

It is commendable how these nurses are burning the night oil and selflessly working day and night for the betterment of others.

They are not just passionate about their career but are concerned about their patient’s welfare. No wonder this profession has gained such immense recognition and respect in the world.

The Shortage of Nurses

The truth is that we are facing a huge shortage of medical helpers because of the hardships and sacrifices that come with it. 

Many people still have outdated opinions about nursing homes as a place to grow their careers. That could be one of the reasons why there is a lack of good nurses. 

This increased demand for nurses is causing staffing problems which are putting more workload on the existing nurses.

Around 79% of medical workers reported that their units are inadequately staffed, and 91% of nurses agreed that the nursing shortage is getting worse with time.

According to reports by the World Health Organisation (WHO), by the year 2030, the world will be needing an additional 9 million nurses and midwives.

A report by nurse.org from 2022 showed some harsh truths about this profession, along with the perseverance, patience, strength, and passion that nurses have for their job.

This research showed that the number one reason nurses chose this profession was that they wanted to help others. Keeping in touch with the base idea, the majority of nurses still love their jobs.

However, a large percentage of them are still concerned about their future in this field. 


Nurses are an essential part of the medical department. They play a critical role in disease prevention, health promotion, general welfare, and delivering primary care.

However, it does not come without certain drawbacks. 

Working in this field can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. Even if things look bleak right now, with the correct awareness and guidance, this field of work could see real development. 

There are endless possibilities and career opportunities for candidates who have a passion for nursing, especially those with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from a reputed university.

With correct vision and planning, you can have an amazing career in this noble line of work and be someone this world needs desperately right now.

Image by Patty Brito from Unsplash

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