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Myth: The diet of a pregnant mother has no health consequences on their expecting child.

Truth: This is false. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes that consumed a large number of refined carbohydrates increased the likelihood of their child getting obesity seven years postpartum.

This study examined the mother’s dietary regimen whilst pregnant and also recorded the infant’s birth weight and height to determine if after seven years, there was a positive association to the child becoming overweight.

The study found that expecting mothers that consumed 4.3+ servings of refined carbohydrates per day had children that were 1.8x more likely to report being overweight and obese. Researchers also found that mothers wishing to reverse this trend could substitute one serving of refined carbohydrates into whole grains, such as brown rice, which could possibly mitigate the negative consequences of childhood obesity by 10%.

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