An image of a woman surgeon contributes to the diversity myth
Photo by Anna Schvets @Pexels

Myth: Diversity training breaks down bias toward gender inequality

Truth:  This is false.

Women are still at a disadvantage in multiple areas of work, including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEM) fields. Women are more likely to earn a lower salary, more likely to experience sexual harassment, and less likely to be promoted.  This inequity is even greater for women of color, women with disabilities, and women who are a part of the LGBT community.

While female representation in various STEM fields is mildly helping to fight the diversity myth, equity is still far away.  Almost every employer has a written policy on gender diversity, committed to engaging more women and minorities.  The problem is, what we are doing now isn’t working.  While setting a goal to improve gender diversity is an excellent first step, it’s important to develop a plan with realistically actionable stages. A review article published in the Lancet summarizes common truths and diversity myths about gender inclusion and diversity.  The article also discusses research-based approaches that could improve gender diversity and inclusion. To read more about this topic, please click here.

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