benefits of drinking coffee

Rumour: Drinking coffee may reduce the risk of mortality.

Truth: This is true.

Coffee is well-known drink made from roasted coffee beans. Some individuals drink coffee in the morning for an energy boost, while others drink coffee to stay awake throughout the day or night. There are many concerns regarding how coffee affects our health. A study was conducted in the United Kingdom to examine if there is an association between drinking coffee and mortality, as well as genetic differences in caffeine metabolism. The study consisted of 400,000 men and women ages 38-73 and took place over a ten-year period.

Researchers measured participants’ coffee consumption per day and noted the type of coffee. The study found that consuming coffee may reduce the risk of mortality, even in those who consumed 8 or more cups a day. The association was more prominent with ground coffee rather than decaffeinated or instant coffee. Researchers note that the results of this study should be interpreted with caution. Read more about this study here. 

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