TempTraq is a single-use, 24-hour intelligent thermometer patch that enables the user to monitor temperature in real-time


Parents and caregivers can continuously monitor the temperature of a sick child or any family member in real-time using TempTraq, a smart 24-hour wireless thermometer developed by Blue Spark Technologies. TempTraq is a single-use thermometer patch that has the ability to measure body temperatures between 87 and 109.3°F (30.6 and 42.9°C) and has been tested to the standard required of clinical digital thermometers.

The TempTraq patch is placed under the arm like a band-aid, and is linked via Bluetooth technology to a mobile device via the TempTraq app that gives the caregiver at-a-glance current temperature display up to 40 feet away. The app provides alerts when there are sudden changes in temperature to allow fast responses of the caregiver and displays real-time and historical temperature data in both graphical and tabular formats. Temperature reading is simplified with a display of green, orange, and red colours to indicate temperature levels of less than 100.4°F, equal to or greater than 100.4°F, and the user-set level, respectively. A 48-hour TempTraq patch is also available if extended-duration monitoring is required.

Additional data on when the patient has eaten and taken medication can also be stored in the app, and data can be shared with other family members or health professionals using the secure TempTraq Connect service. These features make the TempTraq patch advantageous over traditional thermometers as it doesn’t require a parent to continually disrupt their sick child if they are resting and reduces anxiety over caring for them.







Written by Fiona Wong, PhD

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