smartphone breathalyzer

Breeze is a wireless smartphone breathalyzer linked to a smartphone app that provides on-the-go blood alcohol content information so the user can make more informed decisions


Not sure if you’ve had too much to drink to drive? Breeze is a wireless breathalyzer that makes monitoring your blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, easier so that informed decisions can be made after consuming alcohol. Breeze is less than 1 ounce in weight and can be attached to your car keys or carried in your pocket. It is FDA-registered, and operates using an electrochemical fuel sensor to provide law enforcement-grade accuracy when reading BAC, operating on a coin cell battery.

Breeze is linked via Bluetooth technology to a smartphone using the Breathometer app. The breathalyzer should be used 20 minutes after your last drink, and once the app is launched, users only need to turn on Breeze and blow for 5 seconds to get a reading of their BAC level. The Breathometer app also tracks drinking trends and estimates how long it will take for alcohol to metabolize and the user to be sober again. It also suggests places to go if the user wanted to get food, to stay overnight, or safe options to get home, such as calling a cab or phoning a contact in your phone’s address book.

Breeze smartphone breathalyzer is available for purchase at Best Buy for approximately $100 US.












Written by Fiona Wong, PhD


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