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sweet food

How does the brain respond to sweet food?

Researchers examined the link between parental weight status and teenage eating behaviors with the risk of developing obesity in adulthood. Current research on obesity shows...
sweet food

Sweet food: Does how much we eat affect how much we want?

In a recent study, researchers reviewed existing data to determine if the consumption of sweet food influences the desire to consume more sweet food. High-sugar...
dangers of artificial sweeteners

The dangers of artificial sweeteners in heated food

A report has examined the dangers of artificial sweeteners, in particular, sucralose in heated food. Sucralose is a common artificial sweetener used by millions today....
low-salt foods

Researchers find new recipe for low-salt foods without altering tastes

Researchers discovered a way to make a salt mixture that tastes the same as table salt, despite containing less sodium than conventional table salt.   Over...
dairy foods

Add dairy foods to your Mediterranean diet, study suggests

In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers investigated the effect of adding dairy foods to a Mediterranean diet. Thirty-one per...
food cravings

Can we control our food cravings?

Are food cravings caused by genetics or are they a case of mind over matter? Researchers recently reviewed food craving interventions to determine if...
risk of type 2 diabetes

Are sugar-sweetened drinks increasing your risk of type 2 diabetes?

A new study determined if fructose from sweetened drinks increased the risk of type 2 diabetes compared to other fructose-containing foods. Type 2 diabetes is...
food choices

Food choices and obesity: Individuals should lower energy intake at dinner 

It is important to understand how food choices affect energy intake and weight loss strategies. Researchers recently determined the food choices of overweight and...

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