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fish oil supplements during pregnancy

Could fish oil supplements during pregnancy improve pregnancy outcomes?

Researchers found that fish oil supplements during pregnancy were associated with prolonged pregnancy duration and increased birth weight. The process of creating a human being...
fish oil

Does fish oil lower the risk of bleeding during and after cardiac surgery?

Researchers conducted a study to find out if fish oil supplementation reduced the number of units of blood transfusions during and after major surgery. People...
fish oil and vitamin D

Can fish oil and vitamin D help prevent cancer and heart disease?

Recent findings of a large study revealed the effects of fish oil and vitamin D supplements on the risk of cancer, stroke, and heart...
breast cancer growth rate

Can fish oil suppress the breast cancer growth rate?

A new study analyzed the effects of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil on breast cancer growth rate, metastasis, and survival. Breast cancer is...
fish oil supplements

Can fish oil supplements improve cognition after cardiac surgery?

Researchers evaluated whether cognitive health declines following cardiac surgery and if fish oil supplements can improve cognitive health. Despite excellent postoperative care for patients that...
Fish Oil Supplements

The Fish Oil Myth

Myth: A stale fish oil supplement works just as well as a fresh fish oil supplement at lowering cholesterol. Truth: This is false. According...
fish oil and vitamin D

Are Fish Oil and Vitamin D Beneficial for Gestational Diabetes?

Researchers recently published a study evaluating the potential benefits of both fish oil and vitamin D supplements in women with gestational diabetes. During pregnancy, the...

Does Fish Oil Help in the Fight against Sarcopenia?

Researchers determined whether dietary supplementation with fish oil-derived omega-3 fatty acids improves muscle mass and function and thus helps prevent and treat sarcopenia. As we...

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