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type 2 diabetes drugs

Do type 2 diabetes drugs contribute to cardiovascular diseases?

Diabetic patients are prone to cardiovascular problems. A recent study published in JAMA Network Open investigated the cardiovascular effects of type 2 diabetes drugs. Diabetes...
pregnancy loss

Does pregnancy loss increase the risk for cardiovascular disease?

In a study published in the Journal of Woman’s Health, researchers investigated the effects of pregnancy loss and its impact on cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease,...
heavy metal pollution

Could heavy metal pollution increase the risk of cardiovascular disease?

A recent systematic review investigated the potential association between exposure to heavy metal pollution and cardiovascular disease risk. In recent years, environmental heavy metal pollution...
binge drinking

Is binge drinking linked to cardiovascular disease?

Binge drinking is highly prevalent among young and middle-aged adults within the United States. Researchers investigated if binge drinking is associated with higher rates...

How does stress impact cardiovascular disease among African Americans?

The effects of depression, anxiety, and stress on well-being are becoming apparent, with researchers finding links between negative emotional states and chronic diseases. Cardiovascular disease...
synthetic cannabis

Is there a link between synthetic cannabis and cardiovascular disease?     

In a case report, researchers examine a patient with cardiovascular-related defects who has previously used synthetic cannabis. Coronary artery disease is one of the main...
palm oil

Does Palm Oil Affect the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease?

Experts reviewed the available evidence on whether the consumption of palm oil affects the risk of cardiovascular disease.   Palm oil, derived from the palm tree...

Can Acarbose Reduce Both Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes?

Drugs known to reduce cardiovascular problems or diabetes are staples in the medical community. A recent study, named the ACE Trial, evaluated the effectiveness...

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