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Today In Medical History – October 13

October 13: (1) (1821) German physician, anthropologist, and pathologist Rudolf Virchow is born. He is known for advancing public health, and for helping to discredit...
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Today In Medical History – September 22

September 22: (1) (1791) English scientist Michael Faraday is born. He invented an early form of what is now the Bunsen burner and also discovered...
Artificial sweetener

Artificial Sweetener Consumption During Pregnancy May Increase the Risk for Childhood Obesity – June...

Canadian researchers have found that daily maternal artificial sweetener consumption during pregnancy is associated with higher infant BMI and an increased risk of an...
risk of death from coronary heart disease

Not Enough or Too Much Sleep Not Good for Your Heart – March 7,...

New study finds that even when accounting for other known risk factors, sleeping less than four, or more than eight hours per night, increases...
benefits of grapefruit

Benefits of Grapefruit Juice – Not Just a Weight Loss Fruit

 When you hear about the benefits of grapefruit, it’s usually a part of a weight loss program. However, researchers are discovering that grapefruit may...
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Could Sticking to a Mediterranean Diet Prevent Dementia?

An association has been found between a Mediterranean diet and improvement in cognitive function in older adults. There are currently no effective drugs to either...
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Antibiotics and Probiotics as Treatments for Weight Disorders

The use of microorganisms and their products has been recognized in medicine for over 200 years.  Since the discovery of penicillin, antibiotics (isolated substances...
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International Standards for the Treatment of Gout

Gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis condition that affects the joints and other tissues, most commonly the feet.  Inflammation arises in the areas...

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