Researchers develop a 99% accurate mathematical processing computer system that is able to detect basic human emotions; this emotion detector would be used in gaming systems to enhance player experience


Video games have changed the lives of kids and adults around the world. However, game designers are always looking for ways to enhance a player’s experience. If the game industry was able to devise a computer program to detect basic human emotion, they would have an upper hand. The mere notion of a computer being able to detect human emotion 10 years ago would have been equivalent to landing on the moon before the 21st century. As of recent, however, this notion is no longer a faraway fantasy in the dreams of those in the video gaming industry. A new study published in the International Journal of Computational Vision and Robotics reveals that a team of researchers have developed a facial expression recognition system that is able to accurately detect human emotion.

Researchers at Vietnam National University have developed a mathematical processing system that is able to measure various characteristics of the face, such as eyebrow position, the openness of the eyes and mouth shape. The system uses these characteristics in order to determine basic human emotions such as fear, happiness, surprise and anger. The system has been shown to be simple, fast and has an accuracy of about 99% on thousands of facial images. The researchers have also shown that the facial recognition system can work on images of faces even as small as 48 pixels squared. The research, which appears in the April 2016 edition of the International Journal of Computational Vision and Robotics, may be used in intelligent game systems to enhance the player experience.

The ability to capture the emotions of players is extremely useful in the game industry as emotions can be transferred to a player’s avatar or used to activate actions to communicate with other players. The application of facial recognition systems in gaming systems can make the experience more interactive among players and enhance the attractive appeal to the gaming audience.

We all want our feelings to be communicated effectively and understood – the recent development of a simple and fast facial expression recognition system will revolutionize the gaming industry and more generally, universal technology.




Written By: Suganya Gnanakumaran, BSc

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