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HumanCharger is a LED earbud-based light therapy which helps reduce jetlag by re-setting your body’s internal clock


Jetlag is an accepted consequence of travelling across time zones for business or holiday. It occurs when a person’s circadian rhythm, or body clock, is out of sync with their destination’s time. Since the body can’t immediately re-sync to the new time, cross-time zone travellers often feel tired and irritable, complain of digestive problems, and have trouble with concentration.

HumanCharger is a blue LED earbud-based light therapy that aims to help alleviate the symptoms of jet lag and re-sync your body clock faster to that of your destination. Looking more like an MP3 player with headphones, this device emits UV-free light through earbuds that the user places snugly in both ears. HumanCharger light therapy begins once the user presses the start button on the device and light emitted by the earbuds enters the ear canal to reach light-sensitive regions of the brain.

The light therapy can, however, be customized to your travel schedule through the HumanCharger app to remind the user when to use the light therapy. Without the app, the developers suggest using the device 4 times in two hour intervals for 12 minutes each time. When travelling west, it is recommended to start the therapy in the afternoon, and when travelling east, in the early morning. HumanCharger light therapy should be used until the effects of jetlag are no longer felt.

The technology that HumanCharger is based upon has been used to treat mood disorders since 2010, and a 1-year clinical study conducted between 2013-2014 with trans-atlantic air passengers showed no adverse effects in its use.





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Written by Fiona Wong, PhD

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