Quit Smoking with Nicotrax, a Smart Cigarette Case and App


Nicotrax is a smart cigarette case and customizable app that allows smokers to increase their success of quitting by monitoring smoking habits and offering support services

Smoking is a major cause of illness, disability, and premature death, and most smokers who attempt to quit fail in their first attempt. An entrepreneurial duo from North Carolina State University, Kyle Linton and Suraaj Doshi, want to help smokers quit for good with a device that tracks data about users smoking habits.

Nicotrax is a smart cigarette case that monitors cigarette consumption and links to a mobile app where smokers can report information about the strength of their cravings, the time of day, location, and who they are with when smoking. The app will then build a custom profile and provide features that aim to deter the user from lighting up, including positive encouragement, distraction content, suggestions for nicotine replacement, and access to an online community of quitters.

One of the best features of Nicotrax is that it links users with support from counsellors and physicians who monitor user progress and provide unique tips to facilitate success. A number of experts in the smoking cessation field have jumped on board to support the device, including Dr. Jed Rose, the co-inventor of the nicotine skin patch.

Nicotrax costs $70 US and holds up to one pack of cigarettes. The manufacture of cases is currently being crowdfunded through an Indiegogo campaign launched August 4th and has so far raised approximately $7,000 US. Consumers who pre-order from their website can hope to receive their own device by January 2016, just in time for their New Year’s resolutions.

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Written by Fiona Wong, PhD

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