medical-grade wearable biosensor

Philips’ new medical-grade, wearable biosensor is designed for next-generation monitoring of patients in non-urgent hospital settings


Philips, a company well-known for its innovative health solutions, has developed the healthcare industry’s first medical-grade wearable biosensor. The biosensor was developed to monitor at-risk patients in non-urgent, or low severity, hospital areas during their transition from recovery to home, and has the ability to continuously monitor primary vital signs like heart rate, respiratory rate, and skin temperature. The biosensor is connected to software technology that analyzes the collected data and notifies the caregiver if any pre-set limits are exceeded.

It is the company’s hope that their new medical-grade wearable biosensor will address the monitoring needs of clinicians and patients, and facilitate faster recovery with fewer complications and adverse events, shorter hospital stays, and reduced transfers to the ICU. The biosensor is only a small part of Philips’ plans to introduce additional integrated solutions to help clinicians improve patient outcomes and access to care.





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Written by Fiona Wong, PhD

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