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 Maternal weight linked to birth defects

Worldwide obesity levels are increasing at an alarming rate, and are linked to many chronic health problems. A recent study showed that the risk...

Are β-Blockers Safe During Pregnancy?

A research group in California investigated the safety of β-blockers during pregnancy and found that there was no association between β-blocker use during pregnancy...

Today In Medical History – April 27

(1913) American physicist and science writer/editor Phillip Abelson is born. Along with his contribution to the Manhattan Project and his role as the editor...

Metformin: Safe Alternative for Diabetes Treatment During Pregnancy

Metformin is a drug frequently used for diabetes treatment during pregnancy but its effects are not well understood. Butalia and colleagues reviewed existing clinical...

Doctors Identify Skin Symptoms of Zika Virus

Zika is a viral disease raging through the Americas. Cordel and colleagues describe several symptoms of Zika that will help doctors identify the disease.   Zika...

Today In Medical History – September 2

September 2: (1) (1901) Greek poet and psychoanalyst Andreas Embirikos is born. He was the first Greek psychoanalyst, a profession that focuses on development and...

Antibiotics and Probiotics as Treatments for Weight Disorders

The use of microorganisms and their products has been recognized in medicine for over 200 years.  Since the discovery of penicillin, antibiotics (isolated substances...

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