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food allergy

Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis: A Protein Allergy in Infants

Babies and very young children who experience vomiting and diarrhea a few hours after eating may have a type of food allergy called food...
processed food

Does Highly Processed Food Increase Your Risk of Cancer?

A recent research paper in the British Medical Journal questions whether ultra-processed food has an impact on the risk of cancer.   A number of studies have...
food tax

Can a Targeted Food Tax Improve Health?

Researchers in the US used a statistical model to determine the impact of a food tax on unhealthy food and a subsidy on healthy...
artificial sweeteners

Do Artificial Sweeteners Do More Harm than Good?

Researchers investigated whether artificial sweeteners are linked to an unhealthy lifestyle in those who are morbidly obese. With the prevalence rates of overweight and obesity...

Can Foods With Folate Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes?

Researchers in Korea explored the association between eating foods with folate, also known as Vitamin B, and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Folate,...
food preservation

How We Preserve Food: A Review of Current and New Food Preservation Strategies

A new review highlights different methods of food spoilage and the current strategies utilized around the globe for food preservation and processing. Food preservation, which...
food prices

Does Your Neighbourhood’s Food Prices Influence Your Diet?

We know food prices influence purchases, but little research has been done on whether neighbourhood food prices is related to overall diet quality. While physical...
leptin levels

How do Leptin Levels and Gene Variants affect Sensitivity to Sweets?

A study examined if salivary leptin levels and variations in sweet taste-receptor genes were involved in sweet taste sensitivity and satiety. Taste plays an important...

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