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heart calcification

Heart disease among South Asians: Is higher heart calcification to blame?

A new study determined the incidence and progression of heart calcification among South Asian Americans and compared their results with that of other ethnic...
benefits of statins

Do the benefits of statins go beyond heart disease?

An international research team assessed studies on the benefits of statins in conditions other than cardiovascular disease. Statins are a group of drugs that have...
EKG test

Can an EKG test provide early warning signs for asymptomatic heart disease?

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic set out to teach a computer how to identify heart disease using an EKG test in patients who do...
whole grain foods

Can whole grain foods help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and cancer?

A New Zealand study published in The Lancet quantifies how much whole grain foods one should eat to prevent diseases and maintain health and...
taking aspirin

Is it safe to take aspirin for heart disease prevention?

The controversy surrounding the use of aspirin for preventing cardiovascular disease in healthy patients is ongoing. A recent analysis of healthy patients without cardiovascular...
omega-3 supplements

Diabetes and heart disease: Do omega-3 supplements reduce heart disease risk?

A new study at the University of Oxford evaluated if omega-3 supplements help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease in individuals with diabetes. Diabetes...
personal income

Do fluctuations in personal income affect the risk of heart disease?

A study was recently published on how people who experienced personal income fluctuation for 15 years were impacted by cardiovascular disease later in life. Fluctuations...
heart disease prevention

Endurance and resistance training impact the risk of heart disease differently

Physical activity is vital for health maintenance and heart disease prevention. Researchers studied how endurance and strength exercises differ in preventing heart disease. Physical activity...

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