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childhood-onset epilepsy

Cognitive Consequences of Childhood-Onset Epilepsy Later in Life

Visual diagnostic techniques offer a glimpse into the brains of individuals with childhood-onset epilepsy 50 years later. Compared to the general population, those with...

Having Depression Increases the Likelihood of Developing Epilepsy

There is a growing interest over the possible relationship between depression and epilepsy. A study recently published showed that there is an increased risk...
symptoms of folate deficiency

Symptoms of folate deficiency and what it could mean

Folate deficiency is a common nutritional deficiency that can be caused by a lack of dietary folate intake, increased turnover of cells,...
lyme disease diagnosed at an early stage

Can Lyme disease be diagnosed at an early stage?

Recently, researchers investigated a new reliable multiple platforms' method that helps to diagnose Lyme disease at an early stage. Lyme disease is caused by the...
CBD oil for medical use

New information for doctors about CBD oil for medical use

A publication produced by the Mayo Clinic, U.S., aims to inform doctors about the potential of CBD for medical use. Public demand for the use...
migraines during pregnancy

Do migraines during pregnancy affect the health of mother and child?

Researchers investigate whether migraines during pregnancy are associated with health concerns in mother and child. Migraines are more than a simple headache. Although migraines appear...
seizures in pregnancy

A prediction tool for epileptic seizures in pregnancy

Researchers have developed a tool that can accurately predict the risk of epileptic seizures in pregnancy. In the United States, over 1 million women of...
epilepsy warning

Un Nuevo Dispositivo de advertencia de epilepsia detecta más convulsiones que métodos actuales

Un recién estudio desarrollado y evaluado la efectividad de un nuevo dispositivo para detectar convulsiones epilépticos  y actúa como una advertencia epiléptica A pesar de...

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