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lemborexant for insomnia

How effective is lemborexant for insomnia?

Researchers investigated whether lemborexant for insomnia is effective in promoting and maintaining sleep in older adults. Current therapies for insomnia include cognitive behavioral therapy and...
preventing anxiety and depression in children

Strategies to prevent anxiety and depression in children

Researchers from the U.K. analyzed strategies adopted in school settings to prevent anxiety and depression in children. Mental disorders in children can cause significant distress...
treating OCD in children

How effective are current methods for treating OCD in children?

New research has evaluated the current treatment of cognitive behavioral therapy and how effective it is in treating OCD in children. Almost four percent of...
pain killer addiction

10 Signs You’re Becoming Dependent on Your Painkiller Prescription

Painkiller abuse is so prevalent that over half of Americans have been affected by the epidemic. While six percent of people have abused pain...
types of insomnia

Study identifies 5 types of insomnia with striking differences

A recent study attempted to classify patients into five types of insomnia while evaluating differences in expression, treatment, and biology.   Humans have a complicated relationship...
improve sleep

How can we improve sleep in nursing homes?

Nursing home residents often sleep poorly. American researchers recently reviewed all the previous studies that investigated methods to improve sleep in nursing homes. People who...
Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a severe mental illness that is characterized by episodes of depression and mania. There are four types...
psychological interventions

Psychological interventions for patients with chronic illness

A recent review looked at six studies of differing lengths to determine which psychological interventions improved mental well-being. Long-term conditions affect a growing proportion of...

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