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migraine triggers

Is alcohol a migraine trigger?

Many migraine sufferers recognize that alcohol has the potential to trigger migraines.  A new, large-scale study investigated how often alcohol, and red wine in...
migraine pain

How sex hormones relate to migraine pain

Published in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, researchers investigated the links between sex hormones and pain receptors in relation to migraines. Experts estimate that chronic pain affects...
migraines in men

Do sex hormones play a role in the risk of migraines in men?

In a recent study published in Neurology researchers explored the relationship between estrogen, testosterone, and migraines in men. One in seven people worldwide suffers from...
migraine therapy

Recent advances and setbacks in pediatric migraine therapy research

Due to ethical and logistical challenges associated with pediatric research, guidelines for migraine therapies in children have largely been derived from adult studies. A...

Are alternative treatments for migraines effective?

British researchers discuss new alternatives to drugs for treating migraine headaches, including neutraceuticals, neuromodulation, and behavioural therapy. Migraines are a common disease afflicting up to...
migraine prevention

In the Pipeline: New Migraine Prevention Drug Testing for Safety and Efficacy

Biopharmaceutical company Amgen is currently recruiting eligible patients to test the efficacy and safety of a new drug for migraine prevention. Migraines are a significant...

Migraines: New Insights for Clinical Management and Treatment

Recent research studies have provided important insights into genetic causes, anatomical and physiological features, and pharmacological mechanisms of migraine. If you don’t get migraine headaches,...
episodic migraine

Can Erenumab Help People with an Episodic Migraine?  

An episodic migraine is a debilitating headache disorder with few effective and safe preventative treatments available. Researchers in this study conducted a trial on...

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