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rotavirus vaccine protective against type 1 diabetes

Rotavirus vaccine protective against type 1 diabetes, study suggests

Study suggests that rotavirus vaccine may be protective against type 1 diabetes. The Rotavirus is one of the most common causes of severe diarrhea in...
coffee and diabetes risk

The link between coffee and diabetes risk may depend on brewing method

A recent study has investigated whether how coffee is made affects its protective effect against type 2 diabetes. Research has identified that drinking coffee is...
breastfeeding and diabetes

Hay una relación entre la lactancia materna y diabetes?

Hay muchos beneficios de lactancia materna. A adir a la lista, científicos ahora han investigado si lactancia materna ayuda a prevenir diabetes e hipertensión. Lactancia...
breastfeeding and diabetes

Is there a link between breastfeeding and diabetes?

There are several benefits of breastfeeding. To add to the list, scientists have now investigated whether breasfeeding helps to prevent diabetes and hypertension. Breastfeeding has...
cell-based therapy for type 1 diabetes

Engineered cell-based therapy as a new treatment strategy for type 1 diabetes

A new study determined if organoids generated by combining islet cells and human amniotic epithelial cells can be used as a viable cell-based therapy...
can type 2 diabetes be reversed

Can type 2 diabetes be reversed by weight loss?

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop using these links we earn a commission that helps support the website – at no extra...
link between birth weight and type 2 diabetes

Is there a link between birth weight and type 2 diabetes?

In this study, researchers attempt to determine if there is a link between birth weight and type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a very...
anakinra for rheumatoid arthritis

Anakinra for rheumatoid arthritis and type 2 diabetes

A recent study investigated whether anakinra for rheumatoid arthritis led to a reduction of joint damage and blood glucose levels in patients with both...

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